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Carrot cutting machine

Manually processing carrots is time consuming and soul killing work that is relatively expensive. That is why we at GEGE Machinebouw have made a cutting machine that saves the consumer this labour.

The advantages of the cutting machine:

  • Price advantage
  • Quick and easy
  • Large capacity
  • Several cutting options
  • No preparatory work for the consumer


We can offer a range of new processing methods for carrots. We build equipment for:

  • Kitchen ready carrots
  • Grading machine

We became aware that there is a demand from the market to know whether it was possible to develop a machine that is able to grade carrots to any desired lengths. Our answer was YES. GEGE built a compact machine, that is able to grade any desired lengths, and is able to extract any ‘wrong’ carrots from the grading process.

Placing in the crate 

At the request of supermarkets, we have developed a machine that is able to correctly line-up carrots in the crate for the fresh market.

The advantages are a nicer presentation, more product in the same crate and more ease for the consumer. We take care of the whole processing line from the input bunker up to the palletising.

Cutting ‘long products’

GEGE Machinebouw in Uden did not develop the machine to cut carrots only. Other ‘long products’ such as green beans and string beans can also be cut by this machine. The unique thing about this machine is that it uses gravity to position the product. This works trouble-free as opposed to systems that use water or compressed air.  This is reflected most clearly in the reliability with which this machine operates, according to developer Hans van Asseldonk of GEGE Machinebouw.


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