GEGE machinebouw is expanding and renewing

More news again. GEGE machinebouw is expanding and renewing.

GEGE machinebouw develops unique machines for the processing of vegetables, fruit and foods. The company is constantly striving for innovation and this usually involves innovative projects. This time it concerns the company itself.
Hans van Asseldonk has found a new partner in the shape of Bart van Schaijk and will now run the company together with him. “GEGE machinebouw is a wonderful company, the lifework of Hans, where the work is done with passion and I am proud and happy to be able to participate”, says Bart. Hans will not yet leave the company and the approach will remain unaltered for the time being.
There is still more than enough need and room for further renewal and innovation in the field of sustainability, environmental awareness (e.g. waterjet cutting, production in climate-controlled rooms) and that is exactly what distinguishes GEGE machinebouw from others since 20 years.
There are enough opportunities to grow in both the Netherlands and abroad and Bart is the right person to further explore and conquer the international market.
The two partners face the future that promises excitement and challenges with much confidence.