Rail system for conventional tray fields and greenhouses

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leading rail systems for tray fields and greenhouses by gege machinebouw

At GEGE Machinebouw, we are dedicated to advancing the capabilities of strawberry plant growers. Our developed system revolutionizes operations in both traditional tray fields and modern greenhouses through mechanization. Our rail system enhances field utilization and efficiency, driven by the labor-saving capabilities of our multifunctional crop cart.

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Accommodate more tray plants per 10,000 square meters


Mechanized operations reduce dependency on manual labor

enhanced work environment

Simplify training and recruitment with improved working conditions


Streamlined operations mean less upkeep and downtime

How our rail system works

Our platform system features a versatile crop cart designed specifically for runner propagation, mowing, and foliage removal directly on the ground. By eliminating the need for structured platforms, we optimize cost-efficiency. Trays filled with potting soil are precisely positioned using a dedicated system, minimizing row gaps to approximately 5 centimeters. This setup preserves existing pathways for tractors and other machinery, ensuring continued access for fertilization and spraying operations, all seamlessly integrated with our crop cart.

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