Waterjet cutting technology
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At GEGE Machinebouw, we deliver more than just machinery; we provide tailored waterjet cutting solutions that transform your production process. Specializing in custom-made waterjet cutting machines and processing lines, we guarantee innovation, quality, and unparalleled performance.

razor sharp

Improved shelf life thanks to razor-sharp cutting technology


Better food safety due to high levels of hygiene


Minimal weight losses thanks to precise cutting technology


High production capacity due to the fast operation of the cutting machine


How does GEGE Machinebouw’s waterjet cutter work?

In many cutting applications, product dimensions are often uniform, allowing for fixed-positioned waterjet blades. However, fresh produce like vegetables vary greatly in length and thickness. Fixed mounting of a waterjet blade would result in either excessive or insufficient cutting.

GEGE Machinebouw addresses this challenge with advanced techniques, including AI technology vision and moving water jets. These methods precisely adjust to cut items such as leek roots and leaves at optimal positions, minimizing waste and maximizing yield.

Unlike traditional cutting systems that quickly dull blades, compromising precision, our technology ensures consistent sharpness. This not only enhances cutting quality but also reduces the risk of disease transmission.

Moreover, our technology safely handles delicate food products like fish, meat, fruits, tapas, and snacks. It ensures perfect cuts without compromising product integrity.

Ready to optimize your production?

Discover the precision and efficiency of GEGE Machinebouw’s advanced waterjet cutting technology. Maximize your yields and ensure superior quality cuts across a variety of food products. Contact our experts today to elevate your production capabilities!

Precision Solutions for Delicate and Soft Food Products

Processing delicate and soft food products poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to portioning and cutting. Manual cutting is cumbersome, prone to product distortion, and can lead to batch contamination and pollution from shared blades. Moreover, finding skilled labor for these tasks is increasingly difficult.


At GEGE Machinebouw, we specialize in developing advanced machinery tailored for handling delicate food items with precision and care. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure:


  • Precision Portioning: Consistent and accurate portioning of delicate food products without distortion.
  • Hygienic Design: Minimization of contamination risks through dedicated cutting systems for each batch.
  • Labor Efficiency: Automation reduces reliance on manual labor, enhancing productivity and consistency.

From fish and meat to fruits, tapas, and snacks, our machines are designed to maintain product integrity while optimizing production efficiency. Whether you’re in food processing, packaging, or manufacturing, our tailored solutions elevate your operations.

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Explore waterjet cutting at our Demo and Testing Center

Curious about the potential of waterjet cutting for your products? Discover the solution at our dedicated demo and testing center. See firsthand how waterjet cutting operates and determine if it’s suitable for your specific needs. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

  • Hands-on experience: Witness the effectiveness of waterjet cutting technology in real-time.
  • Customized assessments: Receive personalized evaluations to determine feasibility for your products.
  • Expert guidance: Consult with our team of specialists who understand the intricacies of waterjet cutting.

Experience innovation with GEGE Machinebouw

Visit our demo and testing center to unleash the potential of waterjet cutting for your business. Contact us today to schedule your demonstration and explore how our technology can revolutionize your production processes.

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Precision cutting

Maintained sharpness

Hygiene assurance


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