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Mushroom stem cutting machine

GEGE Machinebouw have developed a unique cutting machine that makes cutting of mushroom stalks easy and quick.

How does the GEGE Machinebouw mushroom cutting machine work?

The incoming mushrooms are positioned with their stalks pointing downwards by our patented machine. Mushrooms that are missed by the belt are still cut by a set of vertical knives. The cutting height can be regulated exactly so that all the mushrooms have uniform stalk lengths.

The important advantages of the mushroom stalk cutting machine by GEGE Machinebouw are:

– High processing capacity per hour.
– Simple, reliable and easy maintenance.
– Maximum reduction of labour as a manual inspection is now largely unnecessary.
– It can easily be fitted into an existing system.


Perfectly cut mushrooms in a box with hardly any distinguishable bruising and sandy stalk ends eliminated.

This unique machine has been developed under the name FUNGHITEC. Since 2016 FUNGHITEC machines are sold under our own brand: GEGE machinebouw.

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