Leek cutting and processing machines

your expert partner in leek processing and cutting

Looking for efficient solutions for cutting and processing leeks? GEGE Machinebouw is your trusted partner in developing high-quality cutting machines and processing lines for leeks. Our expertise lies in waterjet cutting and processing of leeks, always aiming for the highest quality and efficiency.


Enhance hygiene by cutting leeks with a water jet

production capacity

Our machines process leeks at super-fast speeds, maximizing productivity

shell life

Waterjet cutting of leeks ensures optimal shelf life

prei waterstraalsnijden

Water jet cutting of leek

GEGE Machinebouw develops water jet cutting machines specifically designed for slicing leeks using a water jet. This cutting method enhances hygiene, extends the shelf life of leeks, and increases production capacity significantly.

Leek processing lines

GEGE Machinebouw specializes in high-quality processing systems tailored for leek cultivation. Our machines are designed to operate efficiently and precisely, saving you time and costs.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Discover how GEGE Machinebouw’s advanced processing systems and water jet cutting machines can enhance your leek production.

the main advantages
of gege machinebouw’s processing lines

High processing capacity(10 – 20 ton per hour)

Low maintenance requirement

Minimal downtime

Easy to clean

Full washdown

Low labor requirement

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