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Leek machine

In cooperation with other companies in this field we have developed a new leek machine that can provide a guaranteed quality, quantity and traceability.

How does the leek machine work?

  • A scissor lift hauls the harvested leek from the bottom end of the shelves.
  • A trailer (picks up the leek at a fixed height)
  • The leek is shortened
  • Sorting
  • Packing
  • Detection and correction (by weighing scales)
  • Washing in washing plant)

Such a leek machine requires a maximum of ten people to clean, sort (usually in two or three grades) and pack. Each person has about 1,5 metres workspace. Some employees can manage up to 240 – 260 kilos of leek per hour. However, the average is 140 à 150 kilos per hour.

The important advantages of this leek machine are:

  • Productivity is increased considerably
  • No danger of losses due to bad coordination
  • Maximum possible efficiency for a leek machine
  • Good working conditions
  • Tracking and tracing

Productivity is increased with a leek machine

For each employee it is possible to establish how much leek is cleansed. This new method of processing leek leads to a considerable gain in productivity per individual.

No danger of losses due to bad coordination

The receiving belt of the leek machine will only take on new leek when the belt is completely empty.  This is controlled by a laser.

Coordination losses are prevented by varying the running speed of the receiving belt during the loading. When the belt runs more slowly this will cause relatively more leek to be piled up and faster running will reduce the amount of leek. A fast worker will therefore receive more leek to process than a slower person.  A foreman will supervise the coordination of the running machine and adapt the running speed.  This is easily done via the computer. In case a person finishes more quickly than expected, he or she will continue the work at another belt of the leek machine.  This ensures a constant production quality together with the maximum efficiency.

Good working conditions

The leek machine makes good, dry and clean working conditions possible in which the workers can enjoy working with full commitment.

Tracking and tracing

The client has direct access to the history of the production and processing of the purchased leek by a login into the leek machine.  Each full crate receives a bar-code, the bar code provides general (filed-)information concerning that batch as well as the quality of the enclosed leek.

The login makes it possible for you see directly what is happening on the work-floor and what the quality of the product is. The registration software makes this visible. Each employee can look into his own or anybody else’s achievements.  This makes it possible for the employees as well as the employers to know and what is going well and where improvement is needed.

‘Prei verwerken op verbluffende wijze’ (bron: Vakblad Groenten & Fruit)

‘Verwerkingslijnen prei maken verwachtingen waar’ (bron: Vakblad Groenten & Fruit)


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