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Our machines are built in-house in the Netherlands



In various fields ranging from strawberries to oysters and tapas rolls

Waterjet cutter of GEGE machinebouw

At GEGE Machinebouw bv, we introduce our innovative waterjet cutter: the solution for hygienic, efficient, and rapid cutting of vegetables and other food items. Our advanced technology ensures vegetables are cut without contact, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. With unmatched precision and high speed, our waterjet cutter is ideal for a variety of products including leeks, carrots, oysters, and salmon rolls. Enhance your productivity and quality with GEGE Machinebouw’s waterjet cutter.


Cultivation systems for strawberry farming

At GEGE Machinebouw, we offer advanced cultivation systems and trays specifically designed for strawberry plants. Our solutions increase yield, enhance working comfort, and promote sustainability. Our multifunctional installation streamlines spraying, fertilizing, and trimming, making operations more efficient and faster. Boost your labor productivity and enjoy optimal growing conditions with GEGE Machinebouw’s cultivation systems.

New tipper sorting system for strawberry tray- and frigo plants

Recently, GEGE Machinebouw has developed a new, compact system capable of processing both strawberry tray plants and frigo plants. This system operates efficiently and offers several advantages over traditional methods.

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