Innovative sorting system for strawberry plants designed

Strawberry plant propagators face quite some challenges nowadays. Reducing labour is one, and our systems help…

New strawberry tray developed

Together with Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V. and Kraege Beerenpflanzen, we have developed a strawberry tray that contributes to making…

GEGE machinebouw is expanding and renewing

More news again. GEGE machinebouw is expanding and renewing. GEGE machinebouw develops unique machines for the…

30th place in the Innovation Top 100

Today we learned that we reached the 30th place in the Innovation Top 100 of 2018….

Cutting in water extends leeks’ shelf life

After the necessary tests were done last season, Van den Elzen Vegetable Processors have this year,…

What do we offer?

Speed is crucial in the agricultural, horticultural and food industry. You want to deliver harvested crops as fresh as possible to your clients. Your products are vulnerable and at the same time need to conform to the high standards of hygiene.

This demands that you have a streamlined production process where efficiency is linked to accuracy.  GEGE Machinebouw can help you with this by developing machines that raise your production capacity and at the same time improve the working conditions where possible.

Our principles are:

Each company and each product need its own approach. That is where our challenge lies. We will engineer machines entirely according to your wishes until it does exactly what you need it to do.

Comfortable working conditions
The solutions supplied by GEGE Machinebouw will bring relief to the workplace. We will make use of the staff more efficiently without stressing the employees. The machine should serve the people and not vice versa.

We do not only strive to increase speed and continuity in your production process but also to improve your end product: e.g. by reducing losses or by sorting more accurately.

Reducing costs
Your investment needs to pay back itself. We make sure of this by furnishing high quality machines that last long, that are efficient and trustworthy and need little maintenance. 

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