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Mushroom grading machine

GEGE Machinebouw have developed a grading method that guarantees dimensional accuracy with uniform grading results and a gigantic capacity.

How does the mushroom grading machine by GEGE Machinebouw work?

The largest mushrooms are collected and disposed of first. As the machine grades from large to small, a small mushroom can never end up in a larger grade.

A lot of attention has been given to minimalizing possible harm to the mushrooms. Since the mushrooms do not fall more than strictly necessary there is little bruising and thus quality loss is limited.

A lot of attention has also been given to hygiene; the grader is also easier to clean.

Each graded batch of mushrooms goes to the accompanying stalk cutting machine.

The important advantages of GEGE Machinebouw grading machine are:

– High processing capacity of about 10 – 15 tonnes per hour
– A minimal amount of falling
– Low maintenance
– Easy to clean


Perfectly graded mushrooms with practically no bruises.

This unique machine has been developed under the name FUNGHITEC. Since 2016 FUNGHITEC machines are sold under our own brand: GEGE machinebouw.

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