Mission and vision

Specialized in custom machinery and processing lines

Since our establishment in 1999, we have been developing innovative machinery and processing lines for horticulture, vegetable processing, and the food industry. Our focus includes:


We offer solutions tailored to your needs

more sustainable
end product

With high production capacity achieved through the fast operation of our machines

manual labor

And improve working conditions

More about GEGE

GEGE Machinebouw comprises a highly skilled and flexible team of specialists, delivering large-scale projects. The company has become a market leader in advanced machinery for processing vegetables and fruits. These machines are built in the Netherlands and supplied to customers worldwide. As proud holders of various patents, GEGE Machinebouw utilizes unique innovations to benefit its customers, setting itself apart in the industry. Furthermore, GEGE Machinebouw has developed compelling applications for the food industry.

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The main advantages
From GEGE Machinebouw’s processing lines

Improved shelf life

Enhanced food safety

Minimal weight loss

High production capacity

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