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Rail system with crop cart for conventional tray fields and greenhouses

In order to help growers of strawberry plants progress, GEGE Machinebouw have developed a system that allows operations on conventional tray fields and in greenhouses to be mechanised.

How does our system work?

The multifunctional crop cart of the platform system has been adapted to this end so that operations such as runner propagation, mowing and removing of foliage can also take place on the ground. In this arrangement, the rails do not lie on platforms but on the ground. In this manner one can save on the costs for the structured platforms. Trays filled with potting soil are placed exactly with a separate positioning system. The gap between rows is reduced to about 5 centimetres. Existing pathways for existing tractors and machines are maintained so they can continue to fertilise and apply sprays if and when necessary.
However, these tasks can also be carried out by the crop cart.

The important advantages of the rail system for a conventional tray field or greenhouse are:

– More tray plants per 10.000 square meters
– Mechanised operations, less labour needed
– Improvement of the working conditions: easier finding new personnel
– Less maintenance


More advantageous use of a field. The multifunctional crop cart saves labour.

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