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Sorting line for tray plants

GEGE Machinebouw deliver state of the art dosage of (strawberry) tray plants.

How does the tray plant sorting line work?

Tray plants are valuable plants. Our system handles your product most carefully. The tray plants are collected in cubic boxes in the field. The system developed by GEGE Machinebouw ensures that the plants are automatically dosed correctly, quickly and accurately from the cubic box to the right place on the workspace/ processing line on command.

The large advantages of GEGE Machinebouw tray plant sorting lies are:

– High reliability
– Efficient processing system
– Well built, robust processing line
– No forklifts around the processing line, safe working conditions
– Double the number of employees at the worktable (positioned on both sides)
– Fully automated transportation to and fro and emptying of cubic boxes
– Little maintenance


Speed, continuity and a perfect supply of plants is guaranteed. Working conditions are improved which means that a higher production is possible.

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