innovation in strawberry cultivation
Gege machinebouw implements groundbreaking trayfield system in the usa

In Massachusetts (USA), we are making rapid progress with the new trayfield project for strawberry plants. This initiative, realized in collaboration with Haygrove and Nourse Farms, marks a significant milestone in strawberry cultivation in America.

Collaboration and innovation: A shared mission

Haygrove has developed a system with their vent tunnels that ensures excellent ventilation and climate control in growing environments. These tunnels protect plants from extreme weather conditions while maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity for strawberry growth.

GEGE Machinebouw, renowned for their advanced machinery solutions, has leveraged their expertise to develop an elevated trayfield system. This system reduces labor demand, increases production capacity, and improves working conditions. The raised trays enable more efficient plant care and harvesting, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

The collaboration between Haygrove and GEGE Machinebouw exemplifies how partnerships in the agricultural sector can lead to groundbreaking innovations. Their shared mission is clear: to deliver the highest quality strawberry plants to growers in America. “Our mission is to make the highest quality strawberry plants available,” says a spokesperson for the project. “Collaborating with Haygrove and GEGE Machinebouw brings us closer to achieving this goal. With these innovative systems, we can enhance plant quality, as well as increase the efficiency and sustainability of cultivation processes.”

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Future of strawberry cultivation

This trayfield project in Massachusetts is just the beginning. The successful implementation of Haygrove’s and GEGE Machinebouw’s innovative systems is expected to lead to further improvements and expansions in strawberry cultivation. Growers throughout the region are anticipating the benefits these technologies will bring.

The collaboration between Haygrove and GEGE Machinebouw in Massachusetts serves as a prime example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to significant advancements in agriculture. By combining our expertise and technologies, we are setting the standard for the future of strawberry cultivation, providing growers with the means to produce high-quality strawberry plants with increased efficiency and sustainability.

the main advantages
of gege machinebouw’s trayfield systems

Reduced labor demand

Increases product capacity

Improves working conditions

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