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Vulnerable foods

Waterjet cutting – The new cutting method for vulnerable and soft foods.
Cutting with water might not be entirely new in itself but is new in the agricultural and food industry.
Kwetsbare en zachte voedselproducten.
Thanks to the GEGE Machinebouw innovation, cutting with a moving waterjet as knife has become common.

Vulnerable and soft foods

Vulnerable and soft foods are a challenge when it comes to processing, especially when cutting and preparing portions.

Manual cutting is difficult, clumsy and leads to deformation. Using the same knife may lead to contamination or may spoil a whole batch of products. Moreover, it is increasingly difficult to find people fort his work.

In the traditional cutting system, the knives go blunt quickly thereby worsening the quality of the cut. Diseases may also be spread more easily.

The solution

GEGE Machinebouw have a method with which are cut using a waterjet cutter. This was first developed for leek and much experience was gained from this.

Currently we have applications for a wide range of foodstuffs. E.g. vegetables such as (romaine) lettuce but also for tapas, for pastries, patisserie products or for other soft or sticky foods. These can all be cut without loss of appearance or form.

The sterile waterjet delivers a very sharp cut, no product damage or deformation and increases food safety.

The important advantages GEGE Machinebouw’ waterjet cutting are:

– The waterjet knife is razor sharp -> improved shelf-life
– The waterjet knife is hygienic -> better food safety
– The waterjet knife is accurate -> Minimal weight loss
– The waterjet knife is fast -> High production capacity


The moving waterjet knife cuts soft and vulnerable food products efficiently, hygienically and accurately. The product is cut perfectly by a very thin jet of water under high pressure and exactly in the right place.

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