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Sorting line for strawberry and asparagus plants

Mechanised processing of plants was really still in its infancy stage until fairly recently. GEGE Machinebouw have changed this situation by developing complete supply and disposal lines. Sorting plants is still labour-intensive but, the efficient input and output transportation system has greatly improved both the working conditions as well as the safety of the employees. At the same time this raises the rate of plants processed per employee.

Foreign and overseas companies have not failed to notice the success of this processing line in the Netherlands. This production line is now employed by large producers on both European and American continents.

How does the GEGE Machinebouw sorting line work?

The incoming supply of unsorted plants and the outgoing of sorted plants is rendered easy by using reception hoppers and conveyor belts. This makes the use of forklifts obsolete.

The great advantages of the GEGE Machinebouw sorting line are:

– Efficient processing system; Space utilization optimised
– Good working conditions
– Constant supply of plants
– High production rate
– Little maintenance


The transportation of incoming and outgoing plants has been optimised by this sorting line. By creating a safe and comfortable working place the working conditions improve such that the sorting by the employees is done most efficiently.

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