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Breeding system for tray plants on work platforms

GEGE Machinebouw have developed a work method that has many operational benefits: Trays that are deposited on raised platforms. In this way, it is possible to have 700,000 plants per 10 000 meters square or per roughly two and a half acres, which is twice the amount for a conventional tray field. Since the plants now have fixed positions, a lot of processing operations can be mechanised.

The risk of diseases is also much reduced as the plants do not come into contact with splashing water or leaf material from the ground sheets. Besides this, sixty percent of the amount of fertiliser and plant protection products used in the conventional system can be saved.

How does the GEGE Machinebouw unique tray plant breeding system work?

Steel structures are erected 65 cm up from the ground on which the trays are easily slid. Various operations can be executed from a multi-functional installation that moves over the field, i.e. spraying, fertilising, cutting of tendrils or runners, placing and removing plastic sheets and shading sheets and removing old foliage.

Efficiency will increase considerably using this crop machine. When filling the trays, this machine provides for 54 rows with a maximum of 6 trays per row. Subsequently, the machine is used to root plant cuttings; each of 18 people will serve three rows. One single employee can propagate up to one million plants from runners.

Other operations carried out by the employees are executed from this machine. It provides for comfort and shelter against wind, rain and water spray.

The great advantages of GEGE Machinebouw tray plant breeding system:

– Robust machinery
– Doubling of the number of tray plants per 10.000 square meters
– Mechanised operations, less personnel needed
– Better working conditions makes finding employees more easy
– Saving on water, fertilisers and spraying
– Eliminate contamination of plants via the ground sheets
– Low maintenance


Each field is used in the most advantageous manner and the plants are found to be very strong and healthy. The multifunctional installation ensures a maximum saving of time. Currently, the breeding on these structures may be combined with the propagation of cuttings. The cuttings are not in contact with the soil at any time. The harvest is fully automated which allows for a longer use of the field and this produces stronger and healthier cuttings.

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