Vegetable cutter with water jets processes quickly and hygienically

Cutting with water is a well-known phenomenon, but not in agriculture and horticulture. GEGE machinery is going to change that with their newly developed, moving water blade. The water blade cuts hygienically exactly where it is supposed to cut in GEGE’s cutting and sorting machines, for example, vegetable processors. The technology controlling the blade makes the water blade distinctive.
Adjustable, controllable water jet

For water cutting in, for example, steel construction, it is known in advance how large the product is from which the cuts will be made. Controlling the water jet can then be arranged in advance. That is not possible for fresh products such as vegetables. These products continually change in size and shape. It is therefore necessary to decide for each product, for example for each individual leek, where the water blade has to cut. After measurement, the water jet is brought into position. GEGE developed the necessary technology. The result of all of this is that cutting vegetables with water is quicker and cheaper than cutting with circulating blades. Those can get stuck or dull because of the sand carried by the vegetables. The water blade is not bothered by this. By using the water blade, the vegetables can arrive at supermarkets sooner. The technology of the moving water blade is also suitable for systems in the processing industry.

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