Cutting in water extends leeks’ shelf life

After the necessary tests were done last season, Van den Elzen Vegetable Processors have this year, started cutting all their leeks in water. “The results in the preservation of leeks is encouraging. There is less spoilage on the cut surfaces. If supermarkets can keep their leeks in the shop for a day longer as a result of water cutting, it means more profit”, says Gijs van den Oever.

This week, the company from Uden started harvesting the new summer leek crop from a cultivation area of more than 200 hectares. “The new harvest is good quality and we have not encountered any shoot problems. There is, however, very warm weather ahead, so we must be aware of how things develop”, says Gijs.

It is not essential for Van den Elzen to be the first on the market with new leeks. “We want to begin and end the season with good leeks with nice thick shafts. That is more important than starting early because then there are less poor quality stored leeks.”

Leek prices have dropped significantly recently. “There is supply from Portugal, Spain and France on the market. The weather also does not lend itself to their consumption. With 35 degrees, people sit on the terrace and swim, they don’t eat much leeks”, the seller says. “Yet, there is still demand from surrounding countries. What the next few weeks hold is very dependent on the weather.”

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